Surf class for kids

Give your kids an introduction to the ocean in a fun, safe environment

Children’s surf lessons

I work with children to help them to build a safe and respectful relationship with the ocean. Bonding with the sea from a young age can lead to a lifelong love of water and the enjoyment of fitness and mental wellbeing that is synonymous with life in the ocean.

Surf coaching for children is more than just learning to surf. It helps to build confidence, motor skills, and can be a good introduction to ocean safety in a calm and protected environment—I am always close to the student at all times in the water. Your safety is always my first priority.

  • Personalised, tailored surf coaching
  • Matches surfing conditions to students’ level
  • All equipment required for surf class, including board,  wetsuit and helmet
  • Timing to ensure correct tide
  • Maximum group of two
  • Thirty-minutes theory on the beach
  • One hour in the water


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