Video analysis

Seeing yourself surf is an incredible insight and can be invaluable in understanding strengths and weaknesses in your form. With surf video analysis, you will receive personalised feedback that will allow you to focus on your areas of improvement.

Surf Video analysis in Lanzarote Spain

How does video analysis work?

Video analysis is especially useful for surfers who are catching unbroken waves, but struggling to consistently make take offs. Or for those wanting to improve manoeuvres on the wave face. By observing yourself we can highlight the exact areas that you need to focus on to see improvements.

In surfing, everything happens in fractions of a second, video analyse gives us a chance to review your surfing in slow motion, frame by frame, zoom in and do side by side comparisons with the correct technique.

Video analysis is a must for any surfer wanting to get their performance to the next level!

Surf Video analysis in Lanzarote Spain

How will video analysis help to improve my surfing?

✓ See your pop up technique in slow motion

✓ We will analyse your body posture (zoom in)

✓ Study wave selection and positioning at the peak (ocean knowledge and theory)

✓ Break down of turns

✓ Eliminate bad habits

Surf Video analysis in Lanzarote Spain

Video analysis session


  • One hour of recording in the water
  • Video analysis using professional software
  • Feedback from the coach (areas of focus, correction of mistakes and goals to achieve further improvement)
  • Bespoke advice on required drills and exercises


Please note – for video analysis you must be able to surf independently.

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